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Message From Water ~ Zoom Online Presentation

Yorkton, SK

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Message from Water ~ Water shows how our consciousness relates to the well-being of ourselves and Mother Earth Water makes crystals just like snowflakes. Masaru Emoto discovered that water absorbs Hado (“vibration” or “wave” in Japanese) that water is surrounded by and makes crystalline structures accordingly. Everything is vibration and vibration creates sound. Because there is WATER, vibrations make sound. Water retains memory and carries the information it absorbs. Vibration is energy, and it is information. Words we use, our thoughts, emotions, prayers have their Hado vibration, and they are deeply connected to water. They are so powerful and return to self, thus they affect not only our health and life but also everything on earth and Mother Earth itself. We shall think positively, use kind and positive words, especially with love and gratitude. Water shows how consciousness is powerfull through its crystals. Michiko will be showing numerous water crystal photos and discovery of the late Dr. Masaru Emoto. Zoom Link - Room ID: 616 454 8182 Passcode: BvypV3

Sun 09 Oct
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM

Emoto Peace Project

Hanna Yokozawa Farquharson Textile Art

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Hanna Yokozawa-Farquharson

>> Hanna Yokozawa-Farquharson Hanna is a textile artist and a light language healer living in Saltcoats, Saskatchewan. She moved to Saskatchewan in 2011 from Japan. Her art has been exhibited nationally and internationally, receiving an international award and is represented in the SK Arts permanent Collection. In 2021 she was nominated for an emerging Artists SK Arts award. Her solo exhibition is on OSAC traveling tour in Saskatchewan. She is deeply spiritual. >> Michiko Hayashi Global Director and Ambassador of “EMOTO PEACE PROJECT” Michiko worked as an administrative personal assistant to Dr. Masaru Emoto for 11 years until his transition in 2014. He was the founder of the Emoto Peace Project, the pioneer of HADO (vibration), researcher of water, and author of world best-seller “The Message from Water”, “The Hidden Messages in Water”, etc. She is the successor of his legacy. She will talk about how water is powerful connected to consciousness through MESSAGE FROM WATER. The children’s book “The Message from Water” has been translated into 34 languages. She is the author of anthologies “Womb to Thrive” and “Love Letter to Water”. She speaks Japanese, English and Spanish.

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Yorkton, SK

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