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Passage is an immersive, minimalist, contemplative and interactive artwork that explores the emotional connections we develop with light and sound. The concept of the artwork takes root in the definition of the word passage itself: the act of moving through or past something on the way from one place to another, and also the process of transition from one state to another in a temporal dimension. The installation consists of 20 circles of light that form a tunnel which bystanders will go through, and a sound system. The passage through the tunnel activates light animations and sounds. Each configuration has its own ambiance. Passage refers to this enigmatic moment between life and death, figured here as a pleasant space as part of another temporal dimension. A personal and sensory experience that remains playful. Sep 28 – Oct 6, 2019 Follow for more details: @wac_publicart @winnipegartscouncil #WACpublicart @nbwpg #nbwpg @gocreos #sergemaheu #Illuminart

This event is free.

Fri Sep 25
Sat Sep 26
Sun Sep 27

Sat 6:0 PM to Sun 12:0 AM

  • Passage. Created by Serge Maheu. Produced by Illuminart. Tour Produced by Creos. Photo by Serge Maheu Passage. Created by Serge Maheu. Produced by Illuminart. Tour Produced by Creos. Photo by Serge Maheu

Organized by

Winnipeg Arts Council, The Forks, Downtown Winnipeg BIZ & NBW

Created by Serge Maheu. Trained as a computer engineer, Serge Maheu has followed a more creative path that led him into arts and, therefore, to become a multimedia director. By bringing together his experience in film, animation, photography, sound & music, computer programming, mathematics, interactivity, electronics and design, Maheu’s practice is cross-disciplinary. An avid-lover of straight and obliques lines, squares, pixels and concrète, minimalist and repetetitive music. He is interested in creating innovative art based on a certain digital poetry while pursuing the relation of mankind with the digital world. He’s open to fresh ideas, collaborations and new art (or non-art) explorations. He also enjoys the maple syrup that he produces with his father every spring, but that’s another story.

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Historic Rail Bridge

Winnipeg, MB

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