Hadrosaur Dinosaur Art

Leduc Public Library

#2 Alexandra Park

Leduc, AB


History & heritage



In 2013, a 68 million year-old duck-billed hadrosaur skeleton was discovered in Leduc! With dinosaurs playing such a large part of Alberta's history, we have chosen to celebrate them as part of our culture with dino-art projects. Drop-in any time between 12- 3 pm to learn more about the hadrosaur and enjoy the fun!

This event is free.

Fri Sep 25
Sat Sep 26
Sun Sep 27

12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Organized by

Leduc Public Library

Between it’s inception as a single bookshelf in a lawyer's office and the modern facility which houses its collection today, the library has operated out of many interesting spaces. Throughout the moves between a decommissioned Edmonton street car, a room over Henderson’s Garage, and the old Fire Hall, the Leduc Public Library has continuously provided educational, outreach and support services within Leduc. Today, the library serves Leduc’s citizens by curating a large and diverse collection and providing a space for community groups to host workshops and information sessions on diverse topics from computer program use, to retirement, to travel. It also provides outreach services for the youngest members of our community and the oldest. These include a specially designed children’s section and programs for newborns and a service providing reading materials to Leduc’s retirement homes and those individuals who are not able to access the library itself. In all, the library is connected to or holds a small part of most areas of local culture, such as may be seen in the Elsie Johns Art Gallery, the Leduc Heritage book corner and the Leduc and District Food Bank’s Plant Pods. Just as the leaves of those plants provide nourishment for the body, so do the leaves of the library’s books and other materials feed the mind, providing both entertainment and education in equal measures. Above all, for the library culture is something which is open and free, providing the citizens of Leduc with the freedom to seek and learn whatever they want to.


#2 Alexandra Park

Leduc, AB

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Carla Frybort





This event is wheelchair accessible.