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Filthy Luker and Pedro Estrellas turn their playful ideas into seriously large sculptures as some kind of personal vendetta against the mundane confines of the city in a heroic effort to make the world a brighter, more surreal place for us all. They are driven by their passion for innovative design, public art and mischievous intervention. The duo have time and again proven to be pioneers in the inflatable medium as well as carving themselves a unique niche in the international Street Art movement with their larger than life sculptures and anarchic humour. Their pop-up installations never fail to turn heads, raise smiles and create epic scenes that shifts the mundane towards the surreal, the sublime and often the downright ridiculous. Follow for more details: @wac_publicart @winnipegartscouncil #WACpublicart @nbwpg #nbwpg @filthyluker @pedroestrellas #filthyluker #pedroestrellas

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Fri Sep 25
Sat Sep 26
Sun Sep 27

Sat 6:0 PM to Sun 12:0 AM

  • Inflatable Eyes. Created by Filthy Luker and Pedro Estellas. Inflatable Eyes. Created by Filthy Luker and Pedro Estellas.

Organized by

Filthy Luker, Pedro Estellas, Winnipeg Arts Council & NBW

Designer Pete Hamilton AKA Pedro Estrellas began making inflatable sculptures from scrap hot-air balloon material in 1994. Realizing that he was on to something special he immersed himself in the medium and created a series of spiky sculptures that could be hung up at events. His fascinating geometric creations, in particular his self-illuminating stars made Pete’s company, Star Virus an overnight sensation in the emerging international night-club scene of the era. Artist Luke Egan AKA Filthy Luker happened to be creating prints and mixed media sculptures in the same open-plan workshop as Pete in 1996. Attracted by the magic of the medium and with previous experience in sewing and textiles, Luke was invited to collaborate and within a couple of months was designing his own sculptures. Using only maths, geometry and an artistic eye to design their patterns, the duo meticulously stitched their own sculptures on industrial sewing machines and installed them at the events too. The pieces were made with passion, excitement and an ever-deepening understanding of the inflatable medium. Over the years they mastered their craft through their prolific creativity, honing their techniques and skills.

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Waterfront Drive and Bannatyne Avenue

Winnipeg, MB

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