Jelly Preserving

Shellbrook Community Hall

103 Railway Avenue

Shellbrook, SK

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Culinary & food

Eva Stene will lead a group of people in Jelly Preserving. Participants will bring home their prepared preserves. Food preservation can be defined as the process of treating and handling food in such a way as to stop or greatly slow down spoilage and prevent foodborne illness while maintaining nutritional value, texture and flavour. Preserving and canning began with the need to put food by for times of scarcity. It is a testimony to the ingenuity of people. In ancient times many forms of natural preservation were used. Food could be frozen in areas where temperatures dropped below freezing for the winter months. In warm climates the sun and wind were used to dry food. To preserve food at above freezing temperatures, caves, root cellars, buried caches and the like were used. As various chemicals were discovered and chemical reactions were noticed, salt, smoke, oil or fat, and fermentation were added to the preservation repertoire. Later sugar, vinegar and alcohol were used as preservatives.

Thu 06 Oct
7:00 PM – 8:30 PM

Town of Shellbrook

This event is free.

Organized by

Town of Shellbrook

Shellbrook is situated in the very heart of Saskatchewan’s parkland, and just half an hour south of Prince Albert National Park. Located at the crossroads of Highway 55 and Highway 3, Shellbrook is within commuting distance of two major Saskatchewan cities: 30 minutes to Prince Albert and 90 minutes to Saskatoon. History: The Town of Shellbrook is named after the Shell Brook, which flows just North of the Town. Shellbrook history dates back to 1882, when settlers began to arrive and settle into two areas that eventually became known as the Parkview District (a Northeast area along the Shell River), and Pleasantville (two miles West of Shellbrook). A trading center was established on the corner of two homesteads – the Wursters and the Lakes. The Wursters opened a General Store and Post Office in 1905. Shellbrook was incorporated as a Village in 1909. The first train arrived on January 19, 1910. In 1948, Shellbrook’s status changed from Village to Town.


103 Railway Avenue

Shellbrook, SK

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Jessica Kernohan




This event is wheelchair accessible, and has gender-neutral washrooms.