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Culture Days will return September 20 – October 13, 2024.

A Place I Call Home Halton (APICHH) - Halton Hills Display


Digital & new media Sculpture & installation Visual arts
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9 Church St

John Elliott Theatre

Town of Halton Hills, ON



Offered in English.

Wheelchair accessible.


"A Place I Call Home Halton" (APICHH) is an innovative and thought-provoking community-driven artwork created by Oakville-based artist Faisal Anwar. APICHH is not just an artwork, but an opportunity for individuals and communities to engage, reflect, and contribute to a collective exploration of the concept of "HOME" in the context of today's world marked by migration, societal changes, and instability.

What you can do from anywhere:

APICHH invites the public to participate in a meaningful and interactive experience that revolves around the idea of "HOME." Participants are encouraged to share images that capture their personal interpretation of home. These images can be shared on social media platforms by tagging the APICHH Instagram account and using the hashtag #APlaceICallHomeHalton. Alternatively, participants can also send their visuals directly through a direct message.

The tagged photo will be added to a large-scale installation of photographs in motion and will be projected on a wall and displayed on monitors.

Key Highlights:

Interactive Engagement: Participants play a crucial role in shaping the artwork. By sharing their images and ideas of home, they become part of a growing archive that represents diverse perspectives on the concept of home.

Community Collaboration: APICHH fosters a sense of unity and collaboration within the community. It offers a platform for individuals to express themselves and contribute to a larger dialogue about home and belonging.

Collective Memory: The shared images and visuals form a collective memory that represents the multifaceted nature of home. This archive becomes a testament to the richness and diversity of personal experiences.

Large-Scale Installation: The submitted images will be incorporated into a captivating large-scale installation of moving photographs. This installation will be projected in various locations across the Halton Region, including the Town of Oakville, Town of Milton, Museum of Burlington, and Halton Hills.

Cultural Impact: The artwork will be showcased during Culture Days, providing an opportunity for a wider audience to engage with the project. This enhances the cultural fabric of the region by encouraging meaningful conversations about contemporary issues.

How to view the artwork in real life:

The APICHH artwork will be showcased during Culture Days, from September 23 to October 14, 2023. The projections will take place in prominent locations within the Halton Region, offering a unique visual experience to both local residents and visitors.

Unique and Memorable:

What makes "A Place I Call Home Halton" unique and memorable is its ability to engage the community on a deeply personal and introspective level. It creates a space for individuals to contemplate their own notions of home, while also contributing to a larger narrative. The interactive nature of the project, the inclusion of diverse perspectives, and the visual spectacle of the projected installation all come together to create an experience that is not only visually striking but also emotionally resonant. It's an opportunity for people to connect through Faisal’s artwork with each other and their surroundings through a shared exploration of a fundamental concept: home.



Town of Halton Hills

The Town of Halton Hills is a unique marriage of urban and rural, nestled within a picturesque Southern Ontario landscape. Our stunning rolling topography and rich history draws visitors from across the province. Georgetown and Acton are our urban centres, offering diverse experiences, arts, culture, food, and drink. Historical hamlets Glen Williams, Norval, Limehouse, and Hornby are perfect daytrip destinations. From pristine nature hikes and family- friendly farms to farm-to-table restaurants and wineries, there is something in the Town of Halton Hills for everyone!