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German Junior Folk Dancers - Storytelling Through Dance

Nutrien Wonderhub

Saskatoon, SK

Digital recording

Tune in to learn about traditional German folk dancing. The Saskatoon-based German Junior Folk Dancers are going to demonstrate steps from a selection of their dances for viewers to try at home. They are also going to show the beauty of the costumes, and talk about the stories behind the dances and their importance in celebrating their cultural traditions in Canada. The German Junior Folk Dancers were established in 1998 and perform in and around Saskatoon, including various annual festivals like Culture Days, Heritage Festival and Canada Day. They have also performed for Out-of-town trips to multicultural events in Regina, North Battleford and Prince Albert, and as far as Vancouver.

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

Nutrien Wonderhub

German Junior Folk Dancers

This event is free.

Organized by

Nutrien Wonderhub

Nutrien Wonderhub is a not-for-profit organization that fosters creativity, curiosity, and a lifelong love of learning in children and their grown-ups through hands-on exhibits, programming, and outreach. We support intergenerational play and independent discovery. The museum is a safe space for children of all backgrounds and abilities to explore, experiment, and interact with the natural and built world.

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Sharing Our Stories

Nutrien Wonderhub Saskatoon, SK

Children and families will engage with local artists and storytellers to explore all the things that make them unique while exploring the beauty of diversity. Each of the Culture Days - Sharing Our Stories Events will be offered virtually w...


950 Spadina Crescent

Saskatoon, SK

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Kat Moon