@BramptonLibrary: Learn to design like an Architect

South Fletcher’s Library Branch

500 Ray lawson boulevard

Brampton, ON






This is an invitation to all the young architecture enthusiasts here who would be interested in learning more about how the buildings are designed from scratch and how the perspectives are made for the buildings. All the questions and thoughts that you must be having in your mind will be given an answer through demonstrating how connections are made and how designs flow. You never know by the end of this one hour you may have found the direction to your careers.

This event is free.

Fri Sep 25
Sat Sep 26
Sun Sep 27

1:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Organized by

Kanika Bhardwaj

I am an Architect licensed by Council of Architecture, India and currently persuing my first official course on Building Information Modeling from Ryerson University as a part of building up my career as an Architect here in Canada as well.

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Organized by Surita Dey

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500 Ray lawson boulevard

Brampton, ON

Event Contact

Kanika Bhardwaj



English, Punjabi, Hindi