@BramptonLibrary: Local Authors: "Power Play - the Super U Fitness way" by Renita Lobo

Mississauga Celebration Square

Mississauga, ON

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Staying active, fit and healthy is extremely important especially during this COVID season. As a single mother of 2, immigrating to Canada from India, and who has faced many health and fitness challenges, I truly get how difficult it is to incorporate fitness in our current super busy lifestyle. I have dedicated my life to finding different ways to make fitness fun and so encouraging our children to want to lead an active fit life. For this reason I’ve written a family fitness, result oriented self help, step by step book titled "Power Play, the Super U Fitness way", and Raymond Aaron, New York Times top 10 Best Selling Author, has honored me by writing the foreword for my book! At my event I'll be talking more about the content of my book. I will be sharing insights on achieving your fitness goals and some fun ways for to destress which you can show your children and have fun doing together! I am also offering multiple free downloadable bonuses to help you achieve your family's and your fitness goals, which you can access by visiting my book website. "You don't need to be 'fit' to start...But you need to start to be 'fit'! " Every small step in the right direction counts, so have fun watching, start your fitness journey today and keep on till you are the best you can be... your Super U!!! Ready...Set...Go!!!...

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  • Leading a yoga session in the park for Staying Alive Fitness, Acton Leading a yoga session in the park for Staying Alive Fitness, Acton

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Renita Lobo

MY MISSION To make working out easy for you and help you and your family get super fit Finding the time to workout and get fit in today’s busy world is a huge challenge. My mission is to help as many as I can to get fit and lead a better quality of life. I know your time and energy is important to you. This drove me to found a mobile fitness company that comes to you with fun fitness programs to ensure you and your family get fit and reach your fitness goals in a safe, result oriented way. I have dedicated myself to this mission for over 25 years now, and have been privileged to have successfully taught dance yoga and fitness internationally to thousands of students from 12 months to 84 years. I believe true wellness comes from being fit not only in your body but also in your mind and spirit. Focusing on all 3 factors gets you “super fit”. I am committed to helping you and your family have fun on your fitness journey as you Sweat, Smile and Soar on your path to achieve your fitness goals and become the best you can be. Your Super U!

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Mississauga Celebration Square

Mississauga, ON

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