Latvian Folk Dance Group Daugaviņa

Latvian Canadian Culture Centre

Toronto, ON

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History & heritage


What is Latvian dance? Latvian folk dance has its origins in the traditions of the Baltic tribes that arrived in the Baltic region in approximately 2000 BC. Dances portray the day-to-day life of rural communities (sowing, harvesting, fishing) as well as specific events (courtship, marriage, birth) and reflect the surroundings important to Baltic culture (animals, birds, nature in general, the changes of the seasons). Most dances are performed with a partner in four or more couple formations. Steps are based on variations of the polka and gallop. Switching partners provides an opportunity for dancers to become acquainted with others in social settings. To this day in Latvia (and in Latvian communities around the world) the age-old customs are passed on to new generations through dance forms combining the interaction of traditions with artistic creativity. Latvian folk dance also provides fun and entertainment for performers and guests at social gatherings, weddings and traditional festivals such as Jani (the summer solstice).

This event runs the duration of Culture Days.

This event is free.

Organized by

Latvian National Federation in Canada , Culture section

Goals of LNFC To represent, support, and serve those of Latvian descent or affiliation in Canada; To support and promote the wellbeing of the Republic of Latvia in accordance with universal democratic principles; To promote the dissemination of accurate and relevant information about Latvia, its people, and culture; To promote active cooperation and dialogue between Latvia and Canada; To provide financial support for promoting Latvian culture directly and through like-minded organizations; To promote the spiritual, social, material, and cultural well-being of those of Latvian descent or affiliation in Canada; To support and promote co-operation among Latvian organizations in Canada and organizations in other countries.


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Toronto, ON

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Agra Vagners


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