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Re: Turn 2 Community - Mount Allison Does Culture Days!

Sackville NB

Sackville, NB

In-person Film & video Storytelling Visual arts Performance Self-guided

Something for everyone: Music and stories; fine art and film; performance and plays; chalk and community! Students in the Arts and Culture Marketing course at Mount Allison University put their creative hats on and adapted their programming to current circumstances. New format; same high quality mini-events - October 19, 3:00 - 8:00 PM! In person mini-events: Chalk Talk - 3-6:00 PM - Main Quad, Mount Allison University >> for more information. Our Neighbors Art - 4-6:00 Tweedie Hall, Mount Allison >> for more information. Digital mini-events (access at URLs below): Tales & Tunes (CHMA 106.9 FM) - 3-4:00 PM Recital of Culture (drama) - 5-6:00 PM on Zoom Film for Thought (film series; mature content flagged) - 7-8:00 PM on Zoom Bonus event, in collaboration with the Sackville Ramen Film Festival - Oct. 19-21, 7:00 PM (Tamporo, Ramen Heads, Ramen Girl) >> for more information. NB and Mount Allison University health protocols apply.

Tue 19 Oct
3:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Tales & Tunes, 3-4:00 pm

Recital of Culture, 5-6:00 pm

Film for Thought (mature content flagged), 7-8:00 pm

This event is free.

Organized by

Students in Arts and Culture Marketing course at Mount Allison University

Since 2010, Mount Allison students in the Arts and Culture Marketing course have designed and implemented a Culture Days programme. This year has its challenges, but you can expect the same high level of creativity and attention to detail. Formats include radio, digital access, and displays. Course instructor: Dr. Rosemary Polegato


Sackville, NB

Event Contact

Rosemary Polegato