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DASHAIN and TIHAR Celebration - The National Festival & The Festival of Lights


Dance History & heritage Music Singing
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Edmonton, AB



Offered in Nepali and English.


Dashain festival is the biggest festival in Nepal and celebrated throughout the world by people of Nepalese heritage. As the Dashain festival is celebrated for 15 days, from the first day of the full moon phase in Asoj (September-October) until full moon day called Kojagrath, there is joy and happiness in the community. People sing, dance, and celebrate in a joyful environment. People gather at the senior-most (eldest) person’s house. People travel from abroad to the main house on the occasion of the Dashain festival. There are events that represent mythological stories. However, there are certain cultural events within the Dashain celebration. One of them is to ride on a swing (lift from the ground) made up of hanging ropes on tree branches. On each day of the Dashain celebration, there is a particular cultural activity and worshiping of Goddess Durga (Goddess of power and strength). On the tenth day of Dashain, the first day of the Dashain festival is called Ghatasthapana. On this day people erect pitcher and worship Durga (goddess of power and strength). On the tenth day, it is celebrated as a victory day. People receive blessings from their seniors, put tika (rice soaked in vermilion color), and yellow-colored jamara. Jamara are the seedlings of barley sowed on the first day of Dashain (Ghatasthapana) in the dark.

Right after Dashain comes a festival called Tihar. Tihar festival is celebrated for five days to strengthen the relationship, whether it is between people and nature, or people with animals, or brother and sister. This festival is celebrated by worshiping brother and sister’s relationship. On each day people gather at houses to play deusi and bhailo. The homeowner provides foods to the deusi and bhailo players and seeks blessings. There are cultural performances including dances and songs. We are showing recorded cultural performances in this part.



Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton

Nepalese Canadian Society of Edmonton (NECASE), registered in 2000 in the Province of Alberta, is a non-for-profit community based organization with over 5,000 people of Nepalese origin living in and around Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA. NECASE is operated with the vision of “may we thrive and prosper in Canada as good community members and continue to promote Nepali culture and heritage”. The mission of the society is to promote goodwill and understanding among the people of Nepalese origin and Canadians at large in the development of a strong community while fostering multicultural spirit of Canada.

NECASE has been engaged in various activities from the day of its establishment to bring community members and other Canadians at large in the spirit of fellowship, mutual respect and strong community building. NECASE runs various ethno-cultural, social, recreational programs including: i) Nepali language classes and Nepali Radio program for kids, ii) yoga and cultural activities for adults and seniors. Apart from regular activities, NECASE actively celebrates many Nepalese cultural festivals (Nepali New Year, Dashain/Tihar, Teej, etc.). NECASE has been showcasing various activities in Edmonton. Edmonton heritage festival is one of the biggest events where NECASE has been actively participating from last two decades and showcasing Nepalese culture and heritage. In a nutshell, NECASE mobilizes about 500 active volunteers each year to run its programs, activities and manage projects.


Nami Shrestha

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