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Step Into the Process (Part 1 of 5): Edward Fu-Chen Juan

Tamar Tabori – September 14, 2020

Based in Vancouver, Edward Fu-Chen Juan is an emerging artist whose current practice is printmaking on paper with water-based ink extracted from natural ingredients. He forages endemic flora of the chosen region, and extracts colour to create ink paste for silkscreen printmaking.

Find out more about Ed’s experience as a 2020 BC Culture Days Ambassador and his mentorship with multi-media artist Brigitte Potter-Mael supported by CSARN below. They discuss their work with plants, each other, and our current reality.

You can find out how to be a part of Ed’s events by checking out the links below:

Plant Ink Extraction Outdoor Artist Demo

Foraged Ink for Printmaking

Artist Panel and Ink Extraction Demonstration

Gallery Opening at Tidal Art Centre