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Step Into the Process (Part 2 of 5): Bambi

Tamar Tabori

Sep 21, 2020

BC Ambassador Series Digital & New media Nature & Outdoors Visual Arts Interdisciplinary

From Revelstoke, we have French-Canadian artist and graphic designer Bambi. Influenced by the great outdoors and its endless capacity for adventure, she utilizes colours and humour to inject joy into her works of art. Her work invites the viewer to smile, laugh, and let their imagination run wild.

Find out more about Bambi’s experience as a 2020 BC Culture Days Ambassador and her mentorship with photographer, designer, and cartoonist Rob Buchanan. Get an inside look at how Bambi not only creates art, but creates environments for her art to flourish.

You can find out more about Bambi’s event by clicking the link below:

Behind the wall: The making of a collective mural