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Testimonials from Past BC Culture Days Ambassadors:

2020 ambassador Edward Fu-Chen Juan working with his mentor Brigitte Potter-Mael.
2020 ambassador Edward Fu-Chen Juan working with his mentor Brigitte Potter-Mael.

“The program proved to be immensely empowering. It propelled me, as an artist, to venture beyond my customary routines and circles, fostering broader engagement. It also bolstered my confidence in orchestrating events and getting myself out into the public world.” - Lindsey Tyne Johnson (2023 Ambassador)

“I would encourage other artists to apply for the program. The program provides established structures and connections within the art community. As an artist who didn’t follow a traditional art school path, this program has been instrumental in introducing me to the art organizer circle. While I’m unsure about the theme for next year, AIR (Access, Inclusion, and Resilience) has become an essential part of my artistic journey.” - Ann K Chou (2023 Ambassador)

“Having the role as ambassador helped instill confidence and combat self doubt and uncertainty. Witnessing my own self growth over the past six months has been encouraging and a testament to the value of this program and organization.” - Cameron Gelderman (2023 Ambassador)

“The program is not only a great platform to promote art and culture but also a great place to connect with people and local communities and develop one’s social awareness and skills in relation to one’s art practice.” - Peisen Ding (2023 Ambassador)

“I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of the BC Culture Days Ambassador Program, where I had the privilege of being mentored by Barb Hunt. Thanks to the mentorship program, I gained the confidence and knowledge necessary to further pursue my career as an artist. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to any aspiring artist with a burning passion for advancing their artistic journey.” - Kim Leckey (2022 Ambassador)

“Being a BC Culture Days Ambassador gave me a platform to work from in 2022…Pat Henman was my mentor, a woman decades ahead of me in her artistic achievements. She saw me, asked me questions, reflected back what she heard and shared valuable insight into my artistic pursuit. Support has made the biggest difference. Now when I walk, talk, stand or rest, it is on solid ground. It is as if I needed a foundation, a place to launch from because I am now flying through my dreams as a performance poet, writer and artist. It has been a profound year since I was a BC Culture Days Ambassador. I attribute and give thanks for all the support, especially the practice of listening, that has led me closer to my heart and the hearts of others.” - Zaynab Mohammed (2022 Ambassador)

“The program is a great opportunity to connect with the wider community and other artists. The monetary support of the Ambassador Program is helpful to free up space to work on the ambassador project and other role responsibilities as well as develop new artistic skills. The mentorship component is invaluable for growth, and the ability to recommend an ideal mentor to BC Culture Days really allowed me to make a pointed choice about where I’d like to expand my artistic practice.” - Alex Chen (2022 Ambassador)

“I felt supported along the entire process and I felt valued as an ambassador and what I had to bring to Culture Days. This is a process that gives an opportunity to showcase who you are and what you do, to connect with mentors, community and build on your skills to continue contributing to the community in such positive ways. It is invaluable to hold this title, do this work and have this experience on your resume.” - Priscilla Omulo (2022 Ambassador)

“My experience as an ambassador was a beautiful happening. It put on display the knowledge and teachings of my ancestors. It helped me gain insight into myself as a Secwepemc, a storyteller, and an artist. For that I am grateful and honoured.” Kenthen Thomas (2021 Ambassador)

“I think that having the title of ambassador and having the Culture Days organization support the backing of the event had a huge impact on the success of my project. The financial backing and the Culture Days team’s support were hugely positive. Also, the mentorship gave me valuable real-world insights and knowledge into the practice of establishing public community arts organizations.” Laura Rechwan (2021 Ambassador)

“This was such a great program for emerging artists. As an instrumentalist who has performed other creators’ works and never really presented my own creative work, it was such a great way to push myself creatively and to finally bring an idea I had in my head to life.” Tara Rajah (2021 Ambassador)

“I really appreciated the opportunity to develop my relationship with my mentor Jen. We have gotten a lot closer and even outside of Omineca Arts Centre and mentorship related things, we have developed a really lovely friendship. Even though the mentorship is completing by the end of the month, we have a lot of plans for my involvement in upcoming events over the next few months, so it’ll be an ongoing relationship which we will continue to cultivate. It was an incredible growth experience for me. Nazanin was really supportive, and it helped me feel connected to the work, as I had free range to do what felt good for me, but also reach out if I had any questions or needed to chat. The media relations team was really great too! I had never worked with a publicist before, and wow, does it ever make a difference doing the training.” Jean Baptiste (2021 Ambassador)

“Culture Days has played a large role in accelerating my career in filmmaking this year. It offered me a launchpad to start a new project idea and establish the necessary connections to turn the idea into a reality.” Carter Kirilenko (2021 Ambassador)

“It was truly amazing. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be mentored by Anita. I think that my time as an ambassador has been really meaningful for me. I think adjusting to making art during Covid has been difficult; however, I felt like there was a steady stream of support from the Culture Days team.” Molly Beatrice (2020 Ambassador)

“This is such a wonderful opportunity to connect with other emerging artists in your region, to learn more about the arts and culture community in BC, and to also engage with a mentor who can guide you further into your next level!…[Mentorship]is the piece that sets this ambassador program apart. Not only are you representing what you love, you are able to learn from those that have walked your steps before you.” Coral Santana (2020 Ambassador)

“I would encourage our other artists to apply for the cultural ambassador position. It’s engaging,it’s interesting, the mentorship is excellent, and it’s fun. It gets one outside of their little artist bubble…I felt it was such a valuable experience to have a mentor like Sonny… I believe the cultural ambassador position provides for a really nice launching pad. There’s a lot of support that happens, there’s a lot of connection that’s made between artists and art supports in the community and abroad, and I think it stimulates the brain in directions it wouldn’t have gone without those connections to mentors and other artists and the local community.” Damian John (2020 Ambassador)

“As a result of my role as ambassador, I have established future exhibitions and workshops with all four of the host venues….The marketing in promoting the ambassadors has been the biggest reward for me.” Edward Fu-Chen Juan (2020 Ambassador)

“Once I announced my new role, I had a lot of interest from people in my network…In my opinion, it’s not only inspiring but necessary to walk into another artist’s studio once in a while and see what else is out there. What can you take away from it, but also what can you bring to the table? I think the mentor and mentee both learn from each other and that’s the beauty of it.” Claudia Simon (2020 Ambassador)

“One of the things that I love best about the creative arts is that it inspires people to see, think, feel, and explore. Sometimes seeing creativity inspires someone to express their own creativity. I love being a student and I love being the teacher. Being an ambassador allowed me to not only promote a variety of different arts to the public but to teach a workshop on finding the confidence to stand up on stage or in front of people. Everyone has something to offer, everyone is an expert in some thing, and some people just need that little push or some tools to help them release their expertise into the world. Culture Days allowed that exchange to happen and I am very grateful.” David C. Jones (2017 Ambassador)