Testimonials from the BC Culture Days Ambassador and Mentorship Programs:

“It was truly amazing. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to be mentored by Anita. I think that my time as an ambassador has been really meaningful for me. I think adjusting to making art during Covid has been difficult; however, I felt like there was a steady stream of support from the Culture Days team.” Molly Beatrice (2020)

“This is such a wonderful opportunity to connect with other emerging artists in your region, to learn more about the arts and culture community in BC, and to also engage with a mentor who can guide you further into your next level!…[Mentorship]is the piece that sets this ambassador program apart. Not only are you representing what you love, you are able to learn from those that have walked your steps before you.” Coral Santana (2020)

“I would encourage our other artists to apply for the cultural ambassador position. It’s engaging,it’s interesting, the mentorship is excellent, and it’s fun. It gets one outside of their little artist bubble…I felt it was such a valuable experience to have a mentor like Sonny… I believe the cultural ambassador position provides for a really nice launching pad. There’s a lot of support that happens, there’s a lot of connection that’s made between artists and art supports in the community and abroad, and I think it stimulates the brain in directions it wouldn’t have gone without those connections to mentors and other artists and the local community.” Damian John (2020)

“As a result of my role as ambassador, I have established future exhibitions and workshops with all four of the host venues….The marketing in promoting the ambassadors has been the biggest reward for me.”Edward Fu-Chen Juan (2020)

“Once I announced my new role, I had a lot of interest from people in my network…In my opinion, it’s not only inspiring but necessary to walk into another artist’s studio once in a while and see what else is out there. What can you take away from it, but also what can you bring to the table? I think the mentor and mentee both learn from each other and that’s the beauty of it.” Claudia Simon (2020)

“One of the things that I love best about the creative arts is that it inspires people to see, think, feel, and explore. Sometimes seeing creativity inspires someone to express their own creativity. I love being a student and I love being the teacher. Being an ambassador allowed me to not only promote a variety of different arts to the public but to teach a workshop on finding the confidence to stand up on stage or in front of people. Everyone has something to offer, everyone is an expert in some thing, and some people just need that little push or some tools to help them release their expertise into the world. Culture Days allowed that exchange to happen and I am very grateful.” David C. Jones (2017)