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September 16, 2021: Culture Days is One Week Away! Explore creativity, arts and culture

August 24, 2021: Culture Days 2021 is one month away

May 28, 2021: Culture Days Event Registration is Open!

January 12, 2021: Culture Days 2021 is RE:IMAGINEd

June 8, 2020: Expanded Culture Days announcement

September 9, 2020: Creative Adventure Awaits at Culture Days

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For a full suite of marketing and promotional materials related to the 2021 campaign, visit our Annual Campaign page.

Themes and special projects

For 2021, the annual theme is RE:IMAGINE, signaling a positive turning point - the commitment to building tangible change into the future of arts and culture. Visit our Culture Days 2021 page for more about the theme, related blogs, and initiatives.

Incredible stories detailing our tumultuous times are emerging as the 2021 iteration takes shape. Culture Days is documenting the journey through a special blog series featuring writers and creatives and the stories that inspire them. Highlighting and celebrating the 2021 theme, RE: IMAGINE, they explore the ways we are reimagining how we create, share and sustain arts and culture. A companion video series takes an intimate look at the creatives leading the redefinition of arts and culture in their own local communities.

In fitting with our theme, our latest blog series “Make Room For…” gives a shout-out to new or rising artists, creatives, and/or collectives from across the country. We’re spotlighting those who are making waves in their practice, building community, creating boldly, and sharing their visions for reshaping the future of arts and culture in Canada.

To learn more about the history of the organization and how it all works, visit our About page.

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