Culture Days 2021

September 24th - October 24th

4 weeks of arts and culture experiences indoors, outdoors, and online.

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Arts and culture emerged as a lifeline of joy, providing gifts of colour, hope, and reprieve needed to make it through this past year. Collectively, we’re imagining what a post-pandemic world could look like and how we can each contribute to that picture being brighter. Through that lens, Culture Days has chosen RE:IMAGINE as the very apt 2021 theme.

RE:IMAGINE signals a positive turning point - the commitment to building tangible change into the future of arts and culture.

Here are some events from the 2020 Culture Days festivities to get you thinking about how to approach this year’s theme, RE:IMAGINE:

89DAMES Exhibition
Burlington, ON
Presented with the Burlington Art Gallery, collage artist Stylo Star re-imagines the so-called ‘glamorous’ 1950s and 1960s by centering the light, beauty, and energy of Black women from the past.

NorVA Exhibit
Flin Flon, MB
New Age Warriors opens up conversations about Indigenous innovation, ways to live on the land in the 21st century, and how love serves as a mighty force. With gear designed from plastic beads, Catherine Blackburn draws from the past and present to shape notions about an imagined future – a future filled with strong Indigenous women in protective armour battling stereotypes and facing colonialism by channeling the power of love.

Cultural Video Series
City of Surrey, BC
The Surrey Fusion festival developed a series of ‘how-to’ cooking videos inviting audiences from across Canada to explore a variety of cultures through food.

RE:IMAGINE Blog Series

With an understanding that we cannot return to how things were, RE:IMAGINE signals a positive turning point that acknowledges a desire to forge new ideas and break new ground.

The Culture 365 blog is the spot for innovative and inspirational stories of cultural engagement and participation from across the country. This year, we’ll be sharing research, ideas, and stories examining the theme: how are artists, creatives, cultural organizations, and institutions contributing to what comes next? What will it take to create a sustainable and fundamentally inspiring industry that champions essential diversity, equity, and inclusion? What impact can this have on the greater public’s perception of arts and culture and its role in society?

Our new blog series will begin spring 2021, with new posts and stories being published throughout the year.

More Inspiration!

  • Canada’s arts industry tries to envision it’s post-pandemic future - The Globe and Mail article
  • A pantry with heart—Leah Houston and her Etobicoke community have reimagined what an outdoor food bank could look like - Toronto Star article
  • “I was a pub owner, now I’m a farmer”: When Covid killed her business, she reinvented her life - Toronto Life article
  • 8 designs that imagine the future of working from home - CBC Arts article
  • Looking ahead to 2021—Four illustrators share their hopes for themselves and the world - The Walrus article
  • Black Theatre Workshop named inaugural Co-Curating Company for NAC English Theatre - National Arts Centre announcement
  • Nia Centre for the Arts makes history: Building Canada’s first Black Arts Centre - Nia Centre announcement

I really like the flexibility of the event page that I basically considered a free webpage for the duration of Culture Days.

-Daniela from BC

I like that [Culture Days] highlights arts and culture in our community, brings people together, showcases the benefits of participating in arts and culture activities and the importance they are to the soul of our community.

-Sophia from BC

Planning, Support, and Resources

Connect with us as we share and promote the important, exciting, and reimaginings of arts, culture, and creativity. Stay up to date with the good stuff on our blog, and on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter).

Planning resources for Culture Days organizers:

  • Once again, the extended timeframe gives you greater flexibility for presenting in-person events, with a chance to access new audiences from across the country via digital activities.
  • You’ll be able to join in on a large, cross-country promotional campaign highlighting the resiliency of our communities and championing the importance of arts and culture!

To get started and for more information on ho to participate, you can visit our Participation Guide and our FAQ page

Other Helpful Resources

Below are links to some timely resources and tools from our cross-country network:


British Columbia


To support Alberta’s Month of the Artist, Alberta Culture Days is running once again from September 1st to 30th, 2021.