North Vancouver - Capilano, Pemberton and Harbourside

North Vancouver, BC

This growing community is mixed residential and commercial and offers a special community feel with local restaurants and numerous artist studios and galleries. The area is dotted with public art, much of which can be seen from the Spirit Trail. Winding its way along our scenic waterfront, the North Shore Spirit Trail is truly a City treasure as a fully accessible 35 km greenway. This unique, waterfront-oriented trail provides pedestrians, cyclists, inline skaters and people with wheeled mobility aids safe access across the North Shore.


North Vancouver, BC


North Vancouver Recreation and Culture


Try your hand at Block Printing

Organized by Sandrine Pelissier and Sophie Babeanu at Sandrine Pelissier's Art Studio

Step inside a working art studio and try your hand at block printing on paper to make beautiful unique patterned cards. You can either use the blocks we already have in the studio or we can show you how to carve your own block on a piece of...

MONSOON: Robin Arseneault, Isla Burns, Christian Eckhart, Katie Ohe, Evan Penny

Organized by Griffin Art Projects at Griffin Art Projects

This exhibition introduces the work of Alberta artist Katie Ohe to British Columbia audiences through a career that spans over sixty years, as a sculptor, teacher and mentor. MONSOON presents works that reveal her singular vision and its i...

Family Saturday

Organized by Griffin Art Projects at Griffin Art Projects

Workshops with facilitators and public artists from North Vancouver will address how public art is made, what its challenges are and what we can consider when we discover a work of art in our own travels.