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A good activity name is paramount to grabbing people’s attention and, most importantly, making them remember it. Selecting a good name is the first step in building a valuable online presence for your Culture Days activity. On average, 80% of potential Culture Days participants in your activity will read the activity name, but only 20% of them will read the rest. It goes almost without saying that a good activity name is like a good newspaper headline, it gives out just enough information to grab your attention - and makes you want more. The better the name, the better your odds of beating the averages!

So, what defines a good activity name?

Good names are short, concise and easy to remember:

You don't want something too long. It should fit nicely in the activity listing or be easy to read on the activity page.

Example: Imagination Station

Good names announce how unique your activity is:

You do not want something too generic or too bland. Treat your name as a mini advertisement for your activity. Take at least a few minutes before hitting ‘Publish’ to not only make sure your description is in order but that your activity name will do everything it can to maximize the chances that someone will engage with and ultimately participate in what you have to offer.

Example: Intro to Belly Dance – Join the Shimmy!

Good names include a combination of relevant keywords:

Strong names announce the activity, but more importantly, they will inspire people to participate in your event. This touch of creativity can give your work that extra appeal it deserves. Furthermore, keywords allow for your activity to show up in general searches.

Example: Ridiculous Puppet Happening

So, with all that in mind, don’t forget to have fun! Making people laugh with a pun or a smart take on a common turn of phrase is a sure way to get your activity to stick in their memory.

For more examples, check out the Featured Activities section and see which names pop out for you!

TIP: Enhance your online impact by uploading an eye-catching image and entice participants even further by including a great activity description (ideas, among others, for which you’ll find guides in the Tips & Tools section of the national website).