Work Together, Create A Hub!

For best results and to increase the chances of attracting attendance to your activity, consider working collaboratively with others in your immediate vicinity (block, neighbourhood, building, etc...). Doing this will allow you to:

  • Tap into each others’ networks, expanding your collective outreach
  • Lessen the workload by dividing tasks
  • Increase the likelihood of media covering your activities
  • Showcase the dynamic arts and cultural activity in your area
  • Attract more people to your activities, as the public will be interested in attending multiple activities in one area
  • Create and distribute the free customizable promotional materials Culture Days offers, promoting all the activities in your hub

Finding Others In Your Immediate Vicinity

Finding others in your immediate vicinity is easy! Simply do a search on the Culture Days web site by your Postal Code to find others in your area who have registered activities and reach out to them through the contact information located in their activity description.

Create A Bright Spots Schedule

Create and distribute a customized program book of your activities using the free online Bright Spots Schedule tool, presented by National Partner Sun Life Financial, through their Making the Arts More Accessible™ program. Consult the “How to Use the Bright Spots Schedule” tipsheet for help in creating and sharing your custom schedule.