Checklist for Activity Organizers

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Use this checklist to plan your activity and make the most of your experience as a Culture Days Activity Organizer!

Leading up to Culture Days

  • Plan your event:
    • Confirm the details including venue, date and time
    • Verify that your activity will take place during the designated Culture Days weekend
    • Ensure that your activity will be free, open to the public and involve an element of interaction or participation
  • Register your activity online at Be sure to include an eye-catching photo and write a description of your event that will entice visitors. Note: Activities taking place in Québec should be registered following the process indicated at
  • Spread the word! Culture Days provides Marketing Materials like the Culture Days logos, poster, postcard and flyer templates, video bumpers, web banners and badges, and more! Check out all our marketing templates to find the ones right for you and your prospective audience.
  • Find out how to build media relationships to raise your profile and increase public awareness of your activities all year round with the DIY Guide to Public Relations!

TIP: Before you register your activity online, visit the Resources page for “Tips for Writing Activity Descriptions

TIP:  Having trouble finding a venue? Click “Finding a Venue” on the Resources page for helpful ideas.

Culture Days Weekend

Please note: Culture Days takes place on the last Friday of September and the subsequent weekend each year which may include dates in October.

  • Provide an enjoyable experience for your guests: you are their arts and cultural host for the time that they spend with you. Be sure to end on time in case your guests have another activity to attend.
  • If you are using someone else’s space, be a respectful guest for your venue host.
  • Place directional signs in prominent places to ensure that people can easily find your activity.
  • Use Culture Days poster and/or other decors at your event entrance so guests know they are in the right place.
  • Be sure to take photos, and even video, of your event.
  • Keep track of attendance and, with permission, collect contact information and/or business cards to stay in touch after Culture Days.
  • Invite your guests to provide feedback. Do a quick online search to find a survey template. 

TIP: See “Activity Hosting Checklist” in the Resources page for further helpful advice to help make your event a success.

After Culture Days

TIP: You will be invited to report on your Culture Days experience via an online survey shortly after the event. Have your say! Your feedback is key to ensuring that the movement grows and improves year after year.