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What is Culture Days?

Culture Days is a coast to coast to coast celebration of arts and culture which takes place every year in September. In 2016, Culture Days will take place on September 30, October 1 & 2. Culture Days will be prominently featured throughout Canada via a major national public relations and communications campaign.

Beyond public appreciation, Culture Days acts as the lynchpin in a vast, pan-Canadian network and movement to transform the way Canadians view and engage in the arts cultural life of their communities.

We invite you to: Celebrate culture across Canada. Discover culture in your community. Share culture alongside your fellow citizens, artists and other creators.

Visit other sections of the website to read  About Culture Days , the  Background & History,  and consult a list of our  Funders and Supporters .

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Is Culture Days only for Canadian citizens?

Absolutely not! When we say citizens, we mean it in the broadest sense – as in citizens of Earth. Aliens from another planet may require a visa.

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Why are you suggesting that we celebrate culture? Do we need Culture Days?

Culture is everywhere and is a part of every moment of our lives. We celebrate Culture Days to recognize the special place that arts and culture occupy in our lives, much like you would celebrate a birthday or an anniversary. You and your loved ones are special every day, 365 days a year; selecting a special time every year to pay special attention is simply emblematic.

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Where are the activities listed?

Culture Days activities and initiatives are displayed on our website. All activities entered and completed through our online registration form are published live, and may be edited by their submitters at any time. Visit the Activities section of the website to see all of the activities registered for last year’s Culture Days celebration, and get inspired for next year's edition!

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What do you include in your definition of arts and culture? Are heritage, TV/film/new media, design, architecture, cartography, multicultural, disability arts, LGBT, urban, rural, professional and amateur communities allowed to be part of Culture Days?

Yes. Absolutely. Our definition of arts and culture is very broad. 

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How do you select activities? Can I organize an activity for Culture Days?

Yes, absolutely! Any arts or cultural activity – professional, community, amateur, educational...etc, can be listed as part of Culture Days as long as it meets the basic criteria: a free event that involves audience participation or reveals a behind-the-scenes aspect to give the public a better understanding of the inner world of arts and culture. Remember that the intention is to encourage the public to discover and to explore.

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I am not a professional singer, but I am part of a community choir. Can we be part of Culture Days?

Yes, most definitely yes – as long as your activity meets the basic criteria: a free event, open to the public, that involves audience participation or reveals a behind-the-scenes aspect to give the public a better understanding of the inner world of arts and culture.

Remember that the intention is to encourage the public to discover and to explore. For example, instead of simply performing as a choir, for Culture Days, you might invite the public to come learn to sing with you and your group.

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I do arts and crafts at home. Can I be part of Culture Days?

Yes! Set up your lemonade stand – only instead of lemonade, you’re serving up “how to” tutorials on doing arts and crafts at home. If you know other crafters, you might round up a few to band together to make a mini-arts and crafts centre on someone’s front lawn.

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I am not part of a choir. I don’t do arts and crafts. In fact, I don’t think I know anything about arts and culture. How can I be part of Culture Days?

So glad you asked! You could start by participating in a Culture Days activity. Please see the Activities section of the website.

If you want to help organize or create a Culture Days activity, we applaud you. The possibilities are endless – use your imagination! Examples of what you could do include: organize an art gallery crawl with your friends (think of it as a pub crawl, but from gallery to gallery instead of pub to pub); contact a local artist and invite them to help you create a Culture Days activity; or ask your local library to help you organize an event inviting local citizens (your work buddies, library patrons, others who hear about you through the Culture Days program guide) to contribute a piece of local history to a collectively-created new book for the library– be it a story about a great baseball game at the local diamond, a drawing of someone’s favourite café, a photo of the last big snowstorm, or a family tree showing who has stayed, and who has moved where.

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Organizing Activities

Is Culture Days a festival? Are you a funder or an event producer? What is Culture Days?

Culture Days is not a festival, funder or event producer. Culture Days is a movement of people, organizations and communities that believe in promoting cultural participation to the public. The movement is linked via the shared branding, e-mail list, online resources, activity registration, word-of-mouth, and volunteer committees, with the support of a few paid staff to keep the network connected.

Many artists and organizations already offer free opportunities for the public to learn more about their programming and arts and culture in general. Culture Days is an opportunity to link together all these audience engagement activities and issue an impressive and enticing invitation to everyone in Canada to (re)discover arts and culture. For artists and organizations that don’t already offer free arts learning activities, Culture Days is an opportunity to reach out and engage new audiences.

During Culture Days, thousands of Canadians will be out there, looking for an arts and cultural experience. Will yours be one of them? We hope so! Register your activity today!

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Does Culture Days provide any funding to artists to participate? How is Culture Days sponsorship money spent?

Culture Days does not provide direct financial support but offers activity organizers many forms of support to facilitate and enable participation in the movement: From regional representatives that help connect interested parties and local support available, to the website and free registration system, to free customizable promotional campaign materials and support for self-promotions,...etc.

National corporate sponsors and media partners are also key collaborators in helping Culture Days reach the public to create widespread awareness of the initiative throughout the country.

While Culture Days activities are required to be free to the public, activity organizers can ask for voluntary donations or place a donation box near the entrance; asking for a donation is not the same as requiring a donation.

A range of different opportunities for funding artists and cultural groups exist in every province and territory throughout Canada; approach your local arts council(s), foundation(s), and service organizations for advice. Local businesses have also already engaged and supported some Culture Days initiatives in various places throughout Canada; reaching out to the local BIA or Chamber of Commerce to assist in identifying small businesses or companies that might be interested in getting involved is a good place to start.

Some other suggestions:

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What if we don’t have a place to host an activity?

If you want to find a venue, but don’t know where to start, post a message on our Facebook group asking for suggestions. Sign up to the Newsletter so we can pass along information about venues and other tips.

Some suggestions to start you off:

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I am a cultural professional. I would love to be a part of Culture Days but with everything else I’ve got on my plate, I’m not sure how I can find the time and resources to pull together yet another event.

If you work for an organization, you probably already do audience engagement activities – just schedule one of them to take place during Culture Days. Or, you may already have an audience engagement activity planned for the same dates; in that case, all you need to do is to let us know you want your activity to be part of Culture Days. Don’t forget to sign up to receive the newsletter to get updates on how to register an activity, using our name and logo, and having your activity benefit from the publicity generated by the Culture Days media campaign.

Otherwise, keep it simple. If you had a few friends pop by your studio today, and if they asked you to tell them about what you do, what would you say? What would you show them?

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What are the benefits of participating in Culture Days as an activity organizer?

Great question. Reminds us of those times when people ask what the benefits of arts and culture are... There are so many benefits! Here are just a few:

Some of the more specific benefits depend on your particular situation. If you or your group do not usually have opportunities to interact with the public, this is your chance to open the door and welcome in your neighbours. “I had no idea people would be so interested!” is what we’ve heard some artists and community groups say. If you already produce audience engagement, education and outreach activities, this is a chance to boost the impact and reach of your programming year-round to new audiences through a large, collaboratively-driven communications vehicle.

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We have a few programs happening around the same time as Culture Days in our province! Can our programs be part of Culture Days?

Of course! We encourage you to register all existing programs with Culture Days, as long as they are:

1.     Free to attend
2.     Interactive or participatory
3.     Open to the public during the Culture Days dates in your province

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We want to make our festival part of Culture Days. What if some of our activities are free, but others require an admission fee?

Only interactive or participatory arts or cultural activities that are free for the public to attend are eligible to register with Culture Days. If you have planned a mix of free and ticketed programs, we suggest that you register your free activities with Culture Days, and then use the Activity Description area to tell readers that you have other activities available. If you provide a website URL or a box office phone number, they can visit your site or call to find out more about all of your programming.

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Do all Culture Days activities have to be free? How do you define free? What if we only charge $2 for an activity? What if we are planning an Open House, and there will be free activities in some areas, and activities that require a donation, admission fee or workshop fee?

Yes, all Culture Days activities have to be free of charge for the public to attend.

If you plan to charge a small amount, or require a donation, admission fee or a workshop fee to be paid – even if it’s only to cover the expense of providing a workshop experience – this would mean that your activity is not free of charge for the public to attend.

Note: asking for voluntary donations or placing a donation box near the entrance is not the same as requiring donations.

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How much does it cost to register an activity with Culture Days?

There is no charge. It’s free!

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What will I receive if I register an activity with Culture Days?

After you register an activity, you will:

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My Culture Days Account

How do I create a Culture Days Account?

When creating a new Culture Days Account, you will be e-mailed a link to confirm the account registration. You must “confirm” the account creation by clicking on the e-mail link to activate your account. After following the above steps, should you not receive the email, check your email “junk” folder.

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I’ve forgotten my Culture Days password, what do I do?

Go to the “My Culture Days” page & click on the forgotten password link. You will then receive an email from Culture Days with a link that will redirect you to a new password.

Please be aware that the link sent is single-use only, and you cannot click on it multiple times or else this might cause an error (this functionality is programmed for security purposes).

After following the above steps, should you not receive the email, check your email “junk” folder. Once logged in with the new password, you can change it to something more memorable. If an error occurs, repeat the forgotten password process again and a new password will again be e-mailed.

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Culture Days Activity Registration

Can I edit a live activity?

Yes, all activities can be edited once published. Simply log in to “My Culture Days”, go to the “My Activities” page and click “Edit” to change any information or details about your activity.

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How do I upload an image?

All activities can include an uploaded image; otherwise, a Culture Days logo will be used as the default. The fifth step in the activity registration process is where you can upload an image. Save your activity first, and then follow the instructions.

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How do I use the date selector?

Please be aware that the dates are restricted to the Culture Days weekend. If you’re experiencing difficulties using the date selector, your Internet browser could have Javascript disabled.

What is Javascript? It is what allows functions like the date selector and pop-ups to appear in this form. This link will explain how to enable javascript in your browser.

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How do I use the time selector?

Simply drag the markers (on the “Hour” and “Minute” timelines) to indicate the appropriate start and end times of your activity.

Please note: the time selector is in Military time (i.e. 13h00 is 1PM and 01h00 is 1AM).

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Why am I having issues plotting my address on Google Maps?

When filling out Step 2 of the Activity Registration Form, you need to include address details of where your activity will take place. If the Google Map location doesn’t match up with the address provided, try the following options:

Try entering the address information into yourself – does it give an incorrect location? If so, check if the information provided is the proper mailing address and doesn’t include misc. details. Should the location be particularly difficult to find, include clear directions and details (i.e. apartment number, location within a larger building, neighbouring businesses, etc.) in the “Directions” portion of Step 2.

Another option is to simply click on the red marker and drag and drop it into the right place on the map.

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Why am I having issues publishing my activity?

Verify that you have filled out all the required information; the Form will alert you with error messages if you’re missing required details.

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Why do I have trouble choosing “Save as Draft”?

If you aren’t ready to publish your activity and would like to return later to finalize their activity details, there could be an issue with your browser or Internet connection. To troubleshoot the issue; try to log out and then log back into Culture Days, go to your “My Activities” page, add a new activity by only adding an activity name and then click on “save changes” in the activity status bar on the top right corner. Does it work and is it saved? If so, the issue has been fixed. If not, please report what you see (ie: a blank screen, the login screen, etc.) to Culture Days here.

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Where can I find my published activity page?

Simply log in to “My Culture Days”, go to the “My Activities” page and click “View” to see your published activity page.

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