Day in the Life Community Series

2019 St. Catharines Community Mural by Jana Bergsma. Image courtesy of Danny Custodio

The 2020 Culture Days festival will have Ontarians celebrating arts and culture online, at home, and in-person. While COVID-19 may make visiting other places a challenge, you can still take part in the buzz with our Day in the Life community series. The series will focus on different communities throughout the province to showcase some of the exciting things happening during Culture Days from September 25 - October 25, 2020.

The benefits of being a Day in the Life community include a feature in our newsletter, a written piece on our ON Culture Guide site, and social media stories and content on Ontario Culture Days (ONCD) platforms.

Do you think your community or group might be a good fit? Provide us with a few details about your upcoming celebrations to be considered. Apply here! Deadline is Monday, August 17th.

To qualify as a Day in the Life community you must:

  • Be hosting one or more activities during Culture Days (September 25 - October 25)
  • Identify a coordinator who can support content creation with the ONCD team
  • Have a host or spokesperson who is available for interviews, videos, possible media questions, etc.

If you have any questions or want to discuss feel free to contact us at