April, 2013

How to Increase Your Audience Size by 300% Overnight. Part I of II

by Anna Meshcherova

Cultural engagement and arts participation, regardless of what form it takes, are the catalysts for Culture Days. In this first part of a chapter originally published in “Pluralism in the Arts in Canada,” Helen Yung navigates the theory and the practice inherent in enabling Canadians to take culture, sometimes literally, into their own hands (to read…


Animateurs Key to Success in Saskatchewan

by Culture Days Saskatchewan

This is a wonderful article by Michelle Brownridge that was published in ENGAGE magazine [2012, vol. 3, issue 1]. Michelle tells the story of Culture Days’ animateurs and their passion for creativity and public engagement in arts and culture. Read along and get inspired! Since Culture Days began in 2010, SaskCulture has hired artists from various…