• How do I change from Draft to Publish? I’ve gone through everything several times, and my event stays on Draft. Please help.

  • Aubrey Reeves

    Hi Anne Marie,
    You are with the Stratford Public Library correct? Sometimes there are a few glitches, but I just published your activity for you.

  • Helen Yung

    Hi Anne Marie,

    If you’re using Internet Explorer 6, that browser is not supported by our web developers as it is quite old. We recommend that you upgrade to a newer browser, or borrow someone else’s computer to complete your registration.

    Aside from the unsupported browser, there have been no other reported cases of difficulties with publishing. We’ve had a fewer user issues with not remembering logins, or typos in email addresses etc. But the system so far seems robust.

    If you are not using IE6, please get in touch with to outline your issue and he will work with the web developers to ensure that the situation is resolved.